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Beekeeper Studio Pricing

All purchases provide a perpetual license for Beekeeper Studio, plus 1 year of software updates 🎉, and 1 year of team workspace access 😍. All prices are in US Dollars.


$79 one time

most popular


$119 one time


$199 one time

Existing license holders - renew or extend your license and get a 20% discount. Manage your existing licenses in the license management dashboard.

Sales FAQ

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Manage existing licenses in the license management portal.

Beekeeper Studio vs Beekeeper Studio Community Editions

  • Beekeeper Studio - The full-featured version of Beekeeper Studio available on this website. Perfect for businesses and professionals. This edition contains every app feature and comes with a business-friendly commercial license.

  • Community Edition - A 100% free and open source version of Beekeeper Studio with limited features available from GitHub. The community edition is published with a GPLv3 license.

Supporting Independent Software

Beekeeper Studio is developed by one person. I don’t have big-shot venture capital investors, I’m not backed by a big company, and I’m not independently wealthy. By purchasing a license you directly support me and make it possible for me to keep improving Beekeeper Studio. Thank you.

I provide a community edition because I want to make databases more accessible for everyone. Your purchase also helps to support this mission.

Upgrading from the Community Edition

If you buy and use Beekeeper Studio after using the community edition, all your data will automatically transfer, no manual work is required.

The one exception is if you were using the Linux snap version of community edition. You will need to copy your Beekeeper configuration directory from the isolated snap directory to your ~/.config directory

Renewal discount

If you want software updates after the initial license period you can renew your license. You will get a 20% discount off the current full license price.

When making your purchase, you have the option to subscribe to an auto-renew plan. This will lock in your price and give you a 20% discount on renewal payments.

Subscriptions also allow you to increase the number of seats on your license while maintaining the price and the 20% renewal discount.

Subscribing ensures you maintain access to future software updates, customer support, and Team Workspaces.

If you cancel your subscription you will continue to get software updates, support, and workspace access until the end of the annual subscription period.

Perpetual License

All license subscriptions provide a perpetual fallback license. This means you can continue to use your licensed version of Beekeeper Studio forever, with no further payments. However, you will not get software updates or new features past the end of your paid-for period.

Perpetual License Example

  • You purchase on Jan 1 2022.
  • You can continue to use any version released before Jan 1 2023
  • Renew to get software updates past that point.

Volume Discounts

The more licenses you buy, the cheaper each individual license becomes.

  • 5+ Licenses - 20% discount
  • 200+ Licenses - contact us

Multiple Computers

Some licenses are limited to a set number of devices. You must not use the software on more devices than your license allows.

Unlimited-device licenses are issued to people, not machines. Licenses are not tied to specific computers or operating systems. As a license key holder you can use the same license key across multiple computers for which you are the primary user.

For multi-user licenses, so long as the total number of people using Beekeeper Studio is fewer than or equal to your subscription seat count, you’re good to go. Again, it doesn’t matter how many devices are used.

Using A Personal License At Work

If you buy a license for yourself you are free to use it however you wish. You can use it at work, home, or at your grandma’s house.

Using A Business License At Home

You should not use a license purchased for you by your employer at home, except when using a work computer and working remotely. The license is owned by the business and shouldn’t be shared with other companies or individuals.

Managing Licenses

When you buy a license you are provided with a license key. Give this license key to the app users, up to the maximum number of people indicated in your subscription.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the number of individuals using the license is less than or equal to your subscription seat count.

You do not need to track the number of devices the license key is used on, only the maximum number of individuals using the key.


If you are not satisfied with Beekeeper Studio within 30 days of purchase, contact us for a full refund.

Unlimited User License

If you are an organization looking to purchase a license to be used by an unlimited number of users, please contact us.

Sharing License Keys

Sharing license keys with other individuals or organizations is not allowed.

Modifying License Terms

If you are purchasing 50 licenses or more, please contact us to discuss reasonable changes.

Paying With An Invoice

An annual emailed invoice with NET payment terms is available for customers purchasing 50 licenses or more. contact us to set this up, and for ACH instructions.

Late Payments

Sometimes payments get missed by mistake, no big deal. We wont immediately deactivate your license key on a missed payment, and will contact you to attempt to resolve the matter.

If we cannot reach you or resolve the issue for 14 days then your subscription will end and your license key will be disabled.

Disputing A Charge

Sometimes a charge is disputed. Typically this is due to turnover or a business not recognizing an infrequent charge. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

If you wish to resubscribe after disputing a charge, we ask that you acknowledge your error in disputing the charge and pay any fees incurred by the dispute.


Resellers are welcome. You can easily create multiple subscriptions (one for each customer) in the license management portal.

Security and Compliance Documentation

Customers purchasing over 50 licenses should contact us with reasonable requests for documentation.

Privacy and Information Usage

Beekeeper Studio runs entirely on end-user computers and so we never have any access to your data or settings.

Remote Data Collection

  1. Beekeeper Studio occasionally contacts our servers to check for software updates.

  2. Beekeeper Studio will re-validate your license occasionally by contacting our servers.

  3. If an error occurs, you may be asked if you wish to submit the error to us for triage.

  4. You may be asked to consent to the collection of anonymous application usage information. This is opt-in and totally optional.

We do not collect personal information as part of these processes. Any time we collect personal information we will ask for your explicit consent.

Contact Information

Beekeeper Studio, Inc.
PO Box 140565
Dallas, TX 75214

Support & billing:

FEIN: 86-1545304