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Online Sync & Collaboration

Workspaces allow you to work across multiple devices, or share your connections and queries with others. Workspaces are included with all paid plans.

Work across multiple devices

Workspaces provide an online storage area for connections and saved queries .

Simply switch from the 'Local Workspace' to an online workspace to start working online.

Oh, and you can easily import your existing local connections and queries with the click of a button.

Workspace Sidebar
Connections in a Team workspace

Share connections & SQL with other people

Every user in the workspace gets access to both their own personal folder, and a team folder which is shared between everyone.

Save connections or queries to the team folder to share them with the other workspace members.

Add as many members to your workspace as you like, no limits.

Relax, your data is encrypted

All workspace data is encrypted at rest, and sensitive fields (like passwords) are also encrypted at the field level using AES-GCM with a 256-bits key and a random initialization vector. All communication with the Beekeeper Studio workspace server is also encrypted with SSL.

What are you waiting for?

This feature and more included with any active Beekeeper Studio license. Download Beekeeper Studio to get started.