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Beekeeper Studio Features

The best feature of Beekeeper Studio is the clean and easy to use interface. But there's a lot more to it than that.

Easy To Use Interface

Beekeeper Studio is designed to be fast, responsive, and scale well to 4k screens. But more importantly, we've designed it to be intuitive and easy to use. learn more >

SQL Editor

Quickly iterate on a SQL query, view and visualize results, and share with a colleague. learn more >

Data Browser

A spreadsheet like interface to view, navigate, search, and edit your data. learn more >

Table Creator & Editor

An easy to use no-code interface to create and alter tables, indexes, foreign keys, and more. learn more >

Online Sync & Collaboration

Work across multiple devices, or share your connections and queries with others. learn more >

Big list of features

Easily connect with SSL
Connect through SSH tunnels
Double click SQLite files to open
Database url parsing
Multiple databases supported
Tabbed interface
Global quick search
Saves tabs between sessions
Zen SQL editor
Code highlighting
Saved queries
Find & replace
Online query storage
Output data formatting
Query Magics
Team query collaboration
Sortable query result tables
Download results in JSON, CSV, & SQL
Copy results as Markdown
Copy as Excel-formatted table
View table data
Clickable foreign keys
Inline-editing of table data
Stage changes before applying
Copy changes to SQL
No-code table creator
Alter existing tables
Create & edit indexes
Create & edit relations
Create & edit PostgreSQL partitions
Easy auto_increment column creation
Export tables to multiple formats