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Modern and Easy-To-Use DBVisualizer Alternative

Beekeeper Studio is a fast and easy-to-use database manager that feels like it was built this century, available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux

Beekeeper Studio is simple to use, lightweight in terms of CPU/RAM and fast. - Vijay

Beekeeper Studio is a database manager that values speed and usability more than a long list of unnecessary features. You’ll find that Beekeeper Studio provides a well rounded experience, and you might actually enjoy using it.

Like DBVisualizer, Beekeeper Studio connects to a wide range of databases, and is fully supported on MacOS, Linux, and Windows. Unlike DBVisualizer, Beekeeper Studio also provides an open source community edition, and has zero integrated user tracking.

Why I built Beekeeper Studio

Personally I built Beekeeper Studio because I got fed up using clunky 90s Java UIs that didn’t scale well to High DPI screens, didn’t have good design, and had more buttons than sense. If you feel the same way, you’ll probably like Beekeeper Studio.

I use Beekeeper Studio for the nice user interface with very little noise and just the right set of tools - R

When to use DBVisualizer or Beekeeper Studio?

Use Beekeeper Studio if you need a database app, and want it to have nice UX without much of a learning curve. You’ll prefer Beekeeper Studio if you favor tools like VSCode or Sublime Text over tools like Eclipse and IntelliJ.

Use DBVisualizer if you want a full-featured SQL IDE, and you’re happy with a slower, older, and more complex UI in return. That said, if you want a full IDE, you could also use other Java apps like DataGrip and DBeaver 🤷. Likely your company just bought DBVisualizer for everyone and you have no choice (psst: Tell them about Beekeeper Studio instead).

😍 You'll Love Beekeeper Studio

I built Beekeeper Studio because I got fed up with overly complex database apps that I had to re-learn every time I used them. I wanted something fast and light that felt like VSCode or Sublime Text, but for SQL.

Spoiler: I couldn't find a good app that fit my criteria, so I built one. That's why Beekeeper Studio exists today.

🕶 Intuitive and easy to use

Beekeeper Studio is the only cross-platform database client with a fast, modern UI that feels like it was built this century. Beekeeper is designed to be fast, smooth, and user friendly in a way that most database apps are not.

Beekeeper Studio fits right in. I didn’t have to take hours to figure out how to properly use it, and it was a seamless addition to my toolkit - CS

🔌 Easily manage multiple connections

Beekeeper Studio supports a wide range of databases, such as SQLite, Postgres, and even Oracle. Easily identify different environments by color coding each connection, and the whole app will change to match when you connect.

Nice support for multiple environments (I label prod red, dev yellow, localhost green) - Chander

🐧 Cross-platform (for real)

Beekeeper Studio works the same on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Like you, we tinker with all types of computers, so we want our software to be top-notch, even especially on Linux.

Beekeeper Studio has a consistent experience across OSes, and syncs my connections between computers and OSes. - Jeff

💄 Not just a pretty face

Ctrl/Cmd+P - quicksearch your database and saved queries

Beekeeper Studio may have a minimal, modern aesthetic, but it also packs a punch.

Whether you're looking to quickly and easily edit data, write SQL like a pro, create & modify tables, or even share queries with coworkers, Beekeeper Studio has you covered.

Beekeeper Studio’s attention to design (both visual and functionalities) helps ease the work - Long

What are you waiting for?

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