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SQL Editor

Quickly iterate on a SQL query, view and visualize results, and share with a colleague.

Write SQL quickly and easily

Beekeeper Studio’s SQL editor is powerful, but easy to use. To start writing SQL, just pop open a new tab and begin typing – just like in your regular text editor.

Run queries with a single click

Just click the “Run” button, or press Ctrl/Cmd+Enter to run your query.

Get data to where you need it

Get data out of Beekeeper Studio quickly.

Add some magic to your results ✨

Check out Query Magics, a powerful way to make your query results interactive and beautiful.

No need to learn a bunch of cryptic shortcuts

Beekeeper Studio’s SQL editor is designed to be easy to use, without the need to learn what a bunch or cryptic buttons, icons, and shortcuts do.

Just hit new tab, start typing, and get lost in the flow.

What are you waiting for?

This feature and more included with any active Beekeeper Studio license. Download Beekeeper Studio to get started.