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Legal Policies

The legal agreements that govern your usage of Beekeeper Studio.

Beekeeper Studio Application

See our trademark guidelines for how to use our trademarks when forking, distributing, or organizing around Beekeeper Studio.

Beekeeper Studio Website

Use of the Beekeeper Studio website, services and APIs provided through and are governed by the following agreements:


Personal data provided to Beekeeper Studio for the Team Workspace service is stored in the United States regardless of the originating country.

Beekeeper Studio is GDPR Compliant.

Sub Vendors

The following is our current list of sub-vendors. We update this list annually. For an up to date list, please contact us at Beekeeper Studio has GDPR compliant agreements with sub-vendors where required.

  • Heroku, Inc. - Web hosting
  • Stripe, Inc. - Payment Processing
  • Slack Technologies, Inc. - Slack, Notifications and chat
  • Honeybadger Industries, LLC. - Application error monitoring
  • Amazon, Inc. - Amazon Web Services - Cloud services
  • Mailchimp, Inc - Newsletter management
  • Conva Ventures Inc. - Fathom web analytics