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Supported Databases

MySQL community PostgreSQL community SQLite community SQL Server community Apache Cassandra community CockroachDB community Firebird community Google Big Query community libSQL community MariaDB community Oracle community Amazon Redshift community TiDB community

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Beekeeper Studio Features

Connect Through Firewalls

Encrypt your connection with SSL, or tunnel through SSH. Save a connection password and Beekeeper Studio will encrypt it.


SQL Auto Completion

Our built-in editor provides syntax highlighting and auto-complete suggestions for your tables so you can work quickly and easily.

Open Lots of Tabs

Open dozens of tabs so you can work quickly without having to switch windows. Table DDL and data views get their own tabs too!


Save SQL Queries For Later

Easily save and organize commonly used queries so you can use them again and again across all your connections.

Edit Table Data

Fast and simple table editing with the ability to stage changes.


Create Tables Without Writing SQL

Beekeeper's SQL table creator lets you create, edit, and delete table columns in just a few clicks. Need to change a table, or add indexes and relations? No problem, Beekeeper Studio has you covered. Learn more.

Export Data

Export a table to CSV, JSON, JSONL, or SQL with just a few clicks. Optionally apply filters to export only the data you need.


User Testimonials

Join the tens of thousands of developers across the world using Beekeeper Studio every day.

Beekeeper Studio's Mission

Our mission is to create open source software in order to improve database accessibility for everyone the world over.

Our commitments to you:
  • 😍 Great Feels - Using our software should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside because it is so nice to use.
  • πŸ”’ Respects Privacy - No creepy ad-tracking or selling your personal information. By default we don’t even know when you install the app, it’s none of our business!
  • πŸ’Ύ Works Offline - You will never need an internet connection to use the app (why should you?)
  • 🌍 Inclusive - We are 100% inclusive and have a code of conduct. Diversity and inclusivity are good for Beekeeper, the tech community, and the world.
  • πŸ’ͺ Open Source - We will always provide a feature-full community edition under an OSI approved license.