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Postgres Client for MacOS, Linux, and Windows

Why use Beekeeper Studio for Postgres?

Firstly, it's free. But not free in a sketchy ad-supported freemium way. Beekeeper Studio is 100% MIT open source, and we are committed to providing a privacy-respecting, full featured SQL client for years to come.

Sometimes it's the little things, like when you paste a Postgres url into Beekeeper Studio we automatically parse out the user, host, port, and database name.

Still not convinced? Hmm.... well here is a super compelling list of features.

Postgres Client Features

  1. Modern Postgres interface - We sweat the details. There are no 'tabs within tabs', cryptic buttons, or old-school Java swing interfaces.
  2. Heroku Friendly - Import your Heroku Postgres database by simply pasting the URL.
  3. Schema Aware - Beekeeper Studio organizes your entities by schema, but we default to the 'public' schema, so you have fewer clicks.
  4. Tabbed interface - open a bunch of queries and tables all alongside each other
  5. Multiples Connections - give each connection a color, and run them all at once if you wish
  6. Saved Queries and Run History - save queries for later (when you remember)
  7. Postgres Table Editing - in-line editing for all content types
  8. Postgres SQL auto-completion - a useful autocomplete editor that doesn't get in your way.
  9. Community Strength - many features were built by our amazing community of contributors.

A Postgres Client Built With Love

We're a small team of two people building software we care about. We're not part of a big corporation, and we don't have our own database to sell you. We use databases on a daily basis, and we got frustrated that there wasn't a straightforward and approachable cross-platform SQL client we could enjoy using, so we built one 😀

We hope you enjoy using Beekeeper Studio as much as we enjoy making it.

Give Beekeeper Studio a try.

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