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SQL Server GUI Client for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Beekeeper Studio Is A Modern, Easy To Use SQL Server GUI Client

Beekeeper Studio is a modern and friendly SQL Server GUI client. Our users tell us that Beekeeper Studio is the most intuitive, and easy to use SQL Server GUI client available. Not only that, but we take your privacy seriously, so no sketchy user tracking or third party ads in the app or on the website, ever.

Beekeeper Studio cares about the details, for example, if you paste a SQL Server url into Beekeeper Studio we automatically just figure out how to inflate the url into host, user, port, etc.

Tried a few tools. Beekeeper was the only one that I found that felt right. Most had a very 1990’s feel to them - Allan

SQL Server GUI Client Features

  1. Modern and easy to use SQL Server GUI client - We sweat the details. There are no 'tabs within tabs', cryptic buttons, or old-school Java swing interfaces.
  2. Full Azure SQL Support - Connect to any variant of SQL Server provided by Microsoft Azure.
  3. Azure SSO Support - Authenticate with Azure SQL using your Azure Active Directory / EntraID credentials.
  4. Windows Credentials - Use your Windows credentials to authenticate with SQL Server.
  5. Tabbed Interface - Open a bunch of queries and tables all alongside each other.
  6. Open Multiple SQL Server Connections At Once - give each connection a color, and run them all at once if you wish.
  7. Save SQL Queries For Later - Our built in data store lets you save queries for when you need them.
  8. SQL Server Table Creation and Editing - We have a built-in, easy to use GUI interface.
  9. Edit SQL Server Data - Edit database records in SQL Server in-line with only a couple of clicks.
  10. SQL Server SQL Auto Completion - A useful autocomplete editor that doesn't get in your way.
  11. Pinned Tables - Keep your most-used tables and views at the top of the sidebar for easy reference.
  12. SQL Server Run History - Beekeeper Studio keeps track of the SQL queries you run, so you can find the magical code from last week that 'just worked'.
  13. Not Just for SQL Server - Beekeeper Studio supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, CockroachDB, Redshift, and SQL Server.
  14. Community Strength - Many features were built by our amazing community of contributors.

Azure SQL GUI Client

Beekeeper Studio supports all variants of SQL Server provided by Microsoft Azure, including (but not limited to):

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • SQL Server on Azure VM
  • SQL Server Private Cloud

Basically - if the database is SQL Server compatible, Beekeeper Studio can connect to it. If you’re confused about what kind of SQL Server you’re using, just try connecting with Beekeeper Studio - it will probably just work.

Azure SSO Client Authentication

Beekeeper Studio supports seamless Azure Single Sign On. This is sometimes called Azure SSO, Active Directory Authentication, or Microsoft Entra Authentication.

If your database is hosted on Azure, and you have Azure Active Directory set up, you can use Beekeeper Studio to connect to your database without needing to enter a username or password.

Simply click ‘connect’, and Beekeeper Studio will open a browser window to authenticate with Azure Active Directory. In two clicks you’re connected.

Windows Credentials Support

Beekeeper Studio supports Windows Authentication for SQL Server. Use your Windows credentials to authenticate with SQL Server in place of a normal username and password.

A Truly Cross-Platform SQL Server Client

Beekeeper Studio has 100% feature parity across Linux, MacOS, and Windows. So no matter which operating system you work (or play) from, you can query and edit SQL Server with all of our features, no compromises. We use a cross-platform app development framework to make sure that you get the best SQL Server GUI client experience, regardless of whether you use MacOS, Windows, or Linux.

Beekeeper Studio also works great on Chromebooks, Raspberry Pi 3+, and maybe even the odd toaster or fridge (if they run Linux).

All Purchases Support Open Source

Beekeeper Studio is built by me, Matthew Rathbone and a small team of part-time developers. We build software we care about. We're not part of a big corporation, and we don't have a large investor in the background writing checks. Unlike many of our well-funded competitors, we make a large part of Beekeeper Studio open source, and we also publish a generous Community Edition. We're on a mission to make good software available to everyone. Every purchase supports open source, and our mission.

I hope you enjoy using Beekeeper Studio as much as I enjoy making it.

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