May 22, 2020 By Matthew Rathbone

Hey Beekeeper Studio Community,

Got another great release for you. This time tidying up some of the more flaky functionality.

In particular:

  • if you run multiple statements in a single tab, you will now get a dropdown at the bottom-left of the result window that lets you see the output from each query.
  • You can now connect to SQL server using Windows Integrated Login.
  • SSH Tunneling has been totally rewritten!
    • Jump hosts
    • Use your SSH agent
    • PuTTY Keys are supported
    • The PuTTY agent is also supported
    • Faster connections all around
    • Generally less flaky
  • You can now select, and copy, cells in table-tabs.
  • Table loading is muuuuch quicker.
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release. Stay tuned for more great upcoming features. :-)