September 14, 2021 By Matthew Rathbone

A small-but-mighty release for you today.

The headline feature is that we’ve added quick search to Beekeeper Studio.

Simply Hit ctrl-p / cmd-p and start typing to jump to any table or saved query. Hit enter to open, hit ctrl+enter go to the structure view (tables only).

Also in this release

  • bug fixes for tab management
  • bug fixes for default values in MySQL and MariaDB
  • bug fixes for changing nullable and datatype for Sql Server
  • Affected columns more obvious
  • Saved connections are now sortable

PRs merged in this release

  • 9dc644c1 Merge pull request #781 from Zerotask/chore/minor-code-adjustments
  • 2bda01a2 Merge pull request #782 from nmelnick/wip-connection-sort
  • 3556c225 Merge pull request #789 from beekeeper-studio/quick-search