July 24, 2020 By Matthew Rathbone

If you’re looking for a modern, clean, and performant Redshift client, give Beekeeper Studio a try.

A Database Manager That Is Modern, Fast, & Easy To Use

Tried a few tools. Beekeeper was the only one that I found that felt right. Most had a very 1990's feel to them - Allan

I built Beekeeper Studio because, like Allan, I wanted something more intuitive and modern than all the existing clunky apps I could find. My customers agree - they love using Beekeeper and they tell me every day! Give it a try, I bet you'll like it too.

Beekeeper's Linux version is 100% full-featured, no cut corners, no feature compromises.

What’s Redshift?

You don’t know? Ok, here’s the low-down. Redshift is Amazon’s super performant, horizontally scalable analytics database. It doesn’t work like a traditional database, and it’s not suitable for the type of stuff you’d use MySQL or Postgres for, but it’s AMAZING for analytics queries - aggregates, full table scans, that type of thing.

Why use Beekeeper Studio for Redshift?

Firstly, it’s free. But not free in a sketchy ad-supported freemium way. Beekeeper Studio is 100% MIT open source, and we are committed to providing a privacy-respecting, full featured SQL client for years to come.

Sometimes it’s the little things, like when you paste a Redshift endpoint url into Beekeeper Studio we automatically parse out the host, port, and database name:

Still not convinced? Hmm…. well here is a super compelling list of features and a few gorgeous screenshots to tip the scales.

Super compelling list of features

  1. Clean modern interface - no tabs within tabs, cryptic buttons, or old-school Java swing interfaces. Beekeeper Studio is clean and easy to use.
  2. Tabbed interface - open a bunch of queries and tables all alongside each other
  3. Autocomplete SQL editor - a useful autocomplete editor that doesn’t get in your way.
  4. Query History - don’t lose that one query you got working last week but forgot to save
  5. Saved Queries - save queries for later (when you remember)
  6. Light and dark themes - We give you both, but lets be real - Dark theme 4eva!
  7. Built with love - many features were built by our amazing community of contributors.

Gorgeous screenshots

Download Beekeeper Studio

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