January 14, 2022 By Matthew Rathbone

If you’re looking to edit or modify your Postgresql database without using the terminal, you need a GUI client.

A Database Manager That Is Modern, Fast, & Easy To Use

Tried a few tools. Beekeeper was the only one that I found that felt right. Most had a very 1990's feel to them - Allan

I built Beekeeper Studio because, like Allan, I wanted something more intuitive and modern than all the existing clunky apps I could find. My customers agree - they love using Beekeeper and they tell me every day! Give it a try, I bet you'll like it too.

Beekeeper's Linux version is 100% full-featured, no cut corners, no feature compromises.

Open Source Postgres Client for Ubuntu

Beekeeper Studio is an open source Postgres GUI client for Ubuntu, Linux in general, Mac, and Windows.

Actually, I built Beekeeper Studio using Ubuntu. As a 15 year Linux user, I was excited to make a first-class Postgres client for Ubuntu, rather than getting second-class versions of Mac or Windows software.

Back in the day I was a big user of Sequel Pro for MySQL for the Mac, and I spent 10 years waiting for something that good to come along for Ubuntu. It never did, so I made my own.

Beekeeper Studio also supports MySQL, SQL Server, CockroachDB, Redshift, SQLite, and more, so no matter what database you use on Ubuntu, we’ve got you covered.

Postgres Client for Ubuntu Features

I’m a big user of Postgres, so I care about what a good Postgres client should be. Here are some of our awesome features:

  1. Modern and easy to use PostgreSQL GUI client - We sweat the details. There are no 'tabs within tabs', cryptic buttons, or old-school Java swing interfaces.
  2. Tabbed Interface - Open a bunch of queries and tables all alongside each other.
  3. Open Multiple PostgreSQL Connections At Once - give each connection a color, and run them all at once if you wish.
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  5. Save SQL Queries For Later - Our built in data store lets you save queries for when you need them.
  6. PostgreSQL Table Creation and Editing - We have a built-in, easy to use GUI interface.
  7. Edit PostgreSQL Data - Edit database records in PostgreSQL in-line with only a couple of clicks.
  8. PostgreSQL SQL Auto Completion - A useful autocomplete editor that doesn't get in your way.
  9. Pinned Tables - Keep your most-used tables and views at the top of the sidebar for easy reference.
  10. PostgreSQL Run History - Beekeeper Studio keeps track of the SQL queries you run, so you can find the magical code from last week that 'just worked'.
  11. Not Just for PostgreSQL - Beekeeper Studio supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, CockroachDB, Redshift, and SQL Server.
  12. Community Strength - Many features were built by our amazing community of contributors.

Start Using The Best Postgres Client for Ubuntu

We provide DEB, Snap, and AppImage packages for use in Ubuntu, so there’s really no excuse :-)

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