May 17, 2021 By Matthew Rathbone

👋 Hello everyone. We’ve been pretty quiet lately, but we’re ramping up for a 2.0 release in the next few months.

We thought in the meantime we’d release a bunch of accumuated bug fixes and features. Some great stuff got merged, a lot of it is really meaty.

🏅 Headline Features

  • 🥇Table exports (beta)! Export your tables to CSV, Json, or SQL.
  • 🥈 Add & Duplicate Rows! Add new rows to database tables easily!

Other Stuff

  • No more Nulls when running multiple mysql queries
  • Moved to better-sqlite3 for faster Sqlite queries.
  • Some UI tidy up in the tables view (new ⚙ button)

PR’s merged in this release

  • b28592c Merge pull request #601 from beekeeper-studio/table-exports
  • 897478e Merge pull request #624 from beekeeper-studio/ssl-toggle
  • 32cf3c6 Merge pull request #600 from beekeeper-studio/re-enable-addclone
  • e50b877 Merge pull request #615 from beekeeper-studio/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/y18n-3.2.2
  • bbc841b Merge pull request #630 from beekeeper-studio/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/ssri-6.0.2
  • 59e0eb4 Merge pull request #633 from beekeeper-studio/no-more-crashes
  • 67ca9df Merge pull request #614 from MasterOdin/patch-6