May 12, 2020 By Matthew Rathbone

Hello again Beekeeper users and contributors!

It has been a whirlwind two weeks of activity on the Beekeeper Studio project. In fact, many of the changes in this release come from new members of the Beekeeper Studio community!

Some key changes in version 1.3:

New Features

  • CockroachDB is now supported
  • A Portable version of the app is now available for Windows, for those of you who are not allowed to install software.

PSQL / CockroachDB fixes

  • PSQL schemas are now shown in the table sidebar
  • PSQL identifiers are now properly escaped, so tables load properly
  • PSQL identifiers are autocompleted properly, even if they need escaping
  • PSQL connections without a username work as expected
  • PSQL JSON, JSONB, and ARRAY columns are properly displayed

Other fixes

  • MySQL, PSQL, and SQL Server columns are now shown in ordinal position in the sidebar
  • MySQL 8 connections no longer fail due to an unsupported password encryption error
  • The file picker can now access hidden files and folders (snap version still a little broken here)
  • CMD+W now closes tabs, not the whole window

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