June 14, 2020 By Matthew Rathbone

Hey everyone. Big release today, but not for the reasons we expected…

We’d intended to build out a basic file menu to allow us to add a few settings, but so many of you in the community started building enhancements we’re instead pushing a release with a whole bunch of amazing stuff we’d never thought of!

Big New Features in this release

Run Contexts

Instead of running the entire query window, you can now selectively run whatever you wish:

  • Run All - run the whole editor
  • Run Current - If you have multiple queries (separated with ;), you can run whichever query you’re currently selecting (we’ll highlight the query to let yo uknow)
  • Run Selection - Select some text and then you can just run whatever text you have highlighted.

SQL Run contexts

Query Parameters

Parameterize your SQL query with either :variable or $1 and when you run the query Beekeeper will prompt you to enter values. Now you can re-use the same query easily without having to open a whole new tab.

SQL Parameters

Connection Label Colors

Label your saved connections with a color. Now you can easily tell production from dev connections.

Color Picker

Smaller Fixes and Enhancements

  • Refresh the database list with a new refresh button
  • Beekeeper Studio now works on Debian 10
  • Postgres versions before 8.3 are now supported
  • Redshift errors are fixed
  • Close tabs with a middle mouse button click
  • Electron Updated to 8.2.5
  • Deb package now adds the Beekeeper Studio repo if downloaded directly

Most of these enhancements came from you, the community.

Merged Pull Requests

See the Github release page for more details of these PRs.

  • #183 from beekeeper-studio/deb-postinstall
  • #196 from beekeeper-studio/launcher-linux
  • #193 from JamesDBartlett/master
  • #191 from beekeeper-studio/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/websocket-extensions-0.1.4
  • #131 from mlebrun/connection-labels
  • #181 from beekeeper-studio/highlight-fixes-and-docs
  • #168 from aligoren/feature/refresh-button-for-databases
  • #165 from MasterOdin/patch-3
  • #99 from hillmanov/master
  • #171 from beekeeper-studio/query-highlighting
  • #167 from MasterOdin/master
  • #161 from vuongggggg/feature/add-run-buttons
  • #166 from beekeeper-studio/component-library
  • #164 from strotgen/feature/close-tab-middle-button
  • #156 from beekeeper-studio/connection-removal


Download the latest version from the homepage.