January 4, 2021 By Matthew Rathbone

Oh hey there lovely Beekeeper Studio users.

This release adds a few nice things folks have been asking for, mostly little things, but you know it’s the little things that make software nice to use.

In this release

Headline Feature: We’ve added custom functions and procedures to the database UI sidebar. The UI shows argument types and return types, and allows you to pin them alongside tables and views.

You can filter what entities you see in the sidebar with the new filter button in the table filter UI at the top of the sidebar.

Also in this release:

  1. Reorder your pinned items!
  2. SSL connections now allow you to toggle requireAuthorization if you provide your own certificate, allowing both sslMode=require and sslMode=verify.
  3. Tab reordering - you can drag and drop your tabs to reorder them.
  4. Table tabs now allow you to filter with a SQL condition, so you can filter on multiple columns or do other, more complex things.
  5. Refresh a table tab by clicking on the last refresh time in the UI.

Pull Requests in this release

e6e6215 Merge pull request #500 from beekeeper-studio/routines

99ebb61 Merge pull request #459 from beekeeper-studio/dupe-column-results

8b84c5a Merge pull request #425 from fabscav/feature/tab-reorder

b371bb7 Merge pull request #427 from fabscav/feature/table-view-raw-search