January 6, 2023 By Matthew Rathbone

Firsly, Happy New Year ๐ŸŽ†! 2023 is here, itโ€™s going to be a great year for all you SQL users.

Release 3.8 contains some great new features:

  1. Apache Cassandra support (read-only beta) - Casssandra support is dropping in the commercial version of Beekeeper Studio. Currently support is read-only, but full read/write support is being worked on.
  2. Create database GUI - Create databases directly from Beekeeper Studio with the click of a button. Also in the community edition
  3. Hide entities in the sidebar - Hide tables, views, or functions. Also in the community edition.
  4. Dynamic column loading - This is a HUUUUGEEE performance improvement for large databases. We only load table columns when you need them, not when connecting. Also in the community edition.
  5. Oracle performance improvements - Oracle support keeps getting stronger.
  6. Oracle SSH support - You can SSH to an oracle host if youโ€™re not using TLS.
  7. Read-only connection mode [BETA] - Beekeeper will stop you from executing queries that modify data or schemas in this mode.

Thanks to all contributors, as usual you make Beekeeper Studio Amazing.

Download Beekeeper Studio from the downloads page