April 7, 2023 By Matthew Rathbone

My wife had heart surgery in Feb (she’s doing great!) and I’ve been helping her recover, so it’s been a while since the last Beekeeper Studio release (It’s not a coincidence that I put out a super stable release at the end of Jan).

👋 Check out our easy to use desktop GUI for SQL

Beekeeper Studio is a truly cross-platform SQL GUI with a clean, uncluttered interface. Write SQL, edit data, alter tables, and more!

Available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

If you are a customer of the commercial edition - 🙏 Thank you, your financial support makes all of this possible.

If you use the community edition, please consider upgrading to the commercial edition. Every purchase supports me, and the continued development of the community edition.

I also have a few part time folks helping me keep Beekeeper Studio features rolling:

  • @wmontgomery
  • @not-night-but
  • @davidkaufman

Big thanks to them for their help.

Highlights ✨

  • Added support for PostgreSQL partitions in the table structure view (@not-night-but)
  • Added support for Query Magic enum substitution (@not-night-but)
  • Added support for alphanumeric sorting of pinned tables (@tomaskudlicka)
  • Added the ability to pin saved connections (just like pinned tables) (@not-night-but)
  • Added custom user-enum support to query magics, read more here (@not-night-but)

More awesome features 🍭 and 🐞 fixes

  • Added support to copy table data modifications to SQL instead of applying them automatically
  • Added the ability to select field names in the table structure view when they’re not editable
  • Huuuuuge upgrade from Electron 13 to Electron 18 (well, we went to Electron 22, but it kept crashing)
  • Colo(u)r sorting of connections fixed
  • SSH2 library upgraded
  • Fixing column names in the JSON download
  • …more stuff below, man this took a while to write

Merged PRs

85e68d52 Merge pull request #1558 from beekeeper-studio/partitions-fix-96
a44371d2 Merge pull request #1548 from beekeeper-studio/partitions
4719c4ce Merge pull request #1525 from MaximeRaynal/master
7512516c Merge pull request #1551 from tomaskudlicka/feat/pin-tables-sorting
d61910a7 Merge pull request #1541 from beekeeper-studio/copy-to-sql
8a97f1db Merge pull request #1530 from beekeeper-studio/pinned-connections
93694b93 Merge pull request #1512 from beekeeper-studio/1472-selectable-fields
94f733fb Merge pull request #1502 from krystxf/fix/materialized_view
8333115d Merge pull request #1537 from beekeeper-studio/interval-sorting
3ab8ca5a Merge pull request #1511 from beekeeper-studio/electron-15
50154381 Merge pull request #1492 from beekeeper-studio/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/http-cache-semantics-4.1.1
470e1d2c Merge pull request #1509 from beekeeper-studio/editing-disabled
13a4b9c0 Merge pull request #1513 from beekeeper-studio/colour-sorting
7d931d6c Merge pull request #1516 from beekeeper-studio/mainline-ssh2
68f09176 Merge pull request #1510 from beekeeper-studio/electron-remote-migration
245f58d9 Merge pull request #1447 from beekeeper-studio/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/decode-uri-component-0.2.2
e777f106 Merge pull request #1464 from beekeeper-studio/feature/747_find-replace-in-editor
02409764 Merge pull request #1487 from leduard/master
1cda1804 Merge pull request #1494 from davidkaufman/issue-1493-colnames-json-download
0b475e0b Merge pull request #1473 from beekeeper-studio/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/knex-2.4.0
76718b81 Merge pull request #1480 from henryliang2/master
aefa5ff0 Merge pull request #1482 from beekeeper-studio/bugfix/empty-value-on-select