August 3, 2023 By Matthew Rathbone

Howdy y’all,

It’s August and a cool 115f degrees (47c) here in Texas, so I’m here to drop some 🔥🔥 features into your lives.

There are some MASSIVE features dropping in this release, despite the rather conservative point release version. Consider this a soft-launch for the full 4.0 launch later this year.

🧚 Hey listen! Did you know that Beekeeper Studio is run by a single person (me)? Recently I’ve been able to afford to hire some part-time help from several talented folks (@not-night-but, @wmontgomery, and @davidkaufman), but this is still a small indie operation. Thank you all for your support and for the community contributions!


  • Multi-table data exports (🤯) by @wmontgomery, that’s right, export a whole schema if you like, or get wild and export 10 schemas, I won’t tell, no one is watching.
    • Just like single-table exports, you can export to a range of formats, including CSV, JSON, and SQL.
  • Native database backups (🤯🤯) (Postgres, MySQL, and Sqlite) - by @not-night-but - exports are great, but they’re not a real backup…but you know what is a real backup? A real backup generated by the vendor-provided backup tool.
    • Yep, our backups use the native backup tools (eg pg_dump for postgres) provided by the database vendors.
    • Beekeeper provides sensible defaults and an intuitive point and click interface. So the backup generated is exactly like the one you’d generate running the tool manually.
    • Nothing like this exists anywhere else, we’re really proud of it.
  • Restore native database backups (🤯🤯🤯) - also by @not-night-but - come on, you had to see this one coming. Just like native backups, our restoration tool uses the vendor-provided restoration binary (eg pg_restore for postgres), but adds an easy to use interface with sensible defaults.
    • Again, we think this is pretty unique and believe most folks want to use native tooling whenever possible for backups and restores, we hope the feature makes that process easier.


Also in this release

  • New and improved autocomplete that can complete your schemas and filters tables by that schema! Thanks @azmy60!!
  • Added safeguard for keymap types, you shall no longer get a blank window!

Community Edition PRs

  • feat: support schema autocomplete by @azmy60 in

  • Upgrade ssh2 from 1.110 to 1.14.0 by @davidkaufman in

  • fix: remove extra wrapping div by @wmontgomery in

  • fix: if row was array, it was parsing wrong, so have to force it a bit by @wmontgomery in

  • Create table SQL script fix by @rathboma in