March 10, 2022 By Matthew Rathbone

Beekeeper Studio is a fast and easy to use DB browser for SQLite. It is available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Beekeeper Studio is a truly cross-platform SQLite GUI with a clean, uncluttered interface. Write SQL, edit data, alter tables, and more!

Available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

How to Open a DB File

With Beekeeper Studio installed simply double click a .db file to open it. You can also open it from the command line:

  • MacOS open finances.db
  • Linux xdg-open finances.db

How To Show Tables in SQLite

With your database opened, you can see all of your tables in the left sidebar.

  • Double click the table to open it and edit the table data in the UI.
  • Right click the table and choose structure to see the table structure and alter column types, indexes, and relations

Create Table for SQLite

Beekeeper Studio also provides a full featured visual table builder, so no need to remember SQLite create table syntax. Simply click the (+) button at the top of the table list to create a table using the table creation UI.

Execute SQLite Scripts

Pop open a new table and easily execute SQL, tab back and forth with your other views quickly and easily.

SQLite Browser

Browse, edit, and update your SQlite database in realtime with Beekeeper Studio, the cleanest and easiest to use SQLite DB Browser available. Oh, Beekeeper Studio is also open source and free πŸŽ‰.

DB Browser for SQLite Demo

Learn more about Beekeeper Studio for SQLite, or download for free

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